Windows 10 Remedy

The Windows 10 free upgrade is quite possibly the best thing Microsoft could do for its millions of users using Windows 8 and 7. It gives a never-before opportunity to be on the latest operating system in the market without spending a single dime. What this also meant though is that there were millions of people using the upgrade feature of Windows – that doesn’t really have the reputation of being the best way to install Windows.

Random freeze on Windows 10 can occur due to many reasons, and users have reported that Windows 10 freeze is preceded by internet connection problems. If you’ve experienced similar symptoms on your computer.  In some cases, certain software can cause random freeze on Windows 10. Users have reported that software such as Speccy, Acronis True Image, Private firewall, McAfee and Office Hub App can cause problems with Windows 10.  If you have any of these programs installed on your computer.

For a lot of people, a clean Windows installation is essential – it wipes off all the older misconfigurations and rebuilds all the files so there is no chance of corruption. Basically, it gives you a clean slate to start over again, while an upgrade brings all the older files and configurations with it causing all sorts of weird problems.

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How to find Computer / PC troubleshooting expert services in USA

If you have a computer whether it is brand new or ages old and you have faced lots of problems, then you need to find a computer troubleshooting expert in your area. In most of the cases the general errors occur like general slowdowns, system freezes, and unexplainable errors.

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