iFixo instant technical support

Over a period of time, My Desktop Computer’s response had become extremely sluggish. Other problems had developed as well and my Browser was crashing every now and then. Tried all the tricks known to me, including reinstalling the Browser, but there was hardly any improvement. A Google search then came up with this company called IFixo; also searched for IFixo reviews and found mixed ratings about them but I needed an affordable solution.  It was worried initially because I had heard about fake Tech Support companies trying to scam unsuspecting people. When their Technician asked for remote access to my computer, It was even more skeptical, but took a chance. The Technician was very patient with me throughout the half an hour or so that we interacted. He showed me the root cause of my problems and guaranteed to solve them on a permanent basis, at a Fee, of course. They have two Plans, the first is a One Time Fix and the second has an Annual Subscription for remote support added in. As of now, I’ve taken the One Time Fix, with a Seven Day Free Support included. They call it the INSTA! But they’re so good and attentive to my needs that I plan to migrate to the One Year Support before this Seven Day Support runs out! My Computer is performing like Brand New now!


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    • You can get back to us @866-578-4894 for any technical assistance or you can also leave your name and no then our technical adviser will call you.

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