iFixo (www.ifixo.com) Phony Phones alert | Anti scam alert

The scammed telemarketing calls aim to ring up victims and convinces them to reveal their personal information. These scammers call you and proclaim that they work for a renowned company, you trust. This makes you an easy prey to them. These scammers have the tendency to conceal themselves behind a known company’s nameto gain your confidence efficiently and cheat you out of your money.

iFixo’sclientsare also being plagued by such scammedcalls. iFixo provides its clients with tech support services. It is a renowned company and is well-known among its clients. It is easy for the scammers to hide themselves under the disguise of iFixo because people believe in iFixo tech support. The scammers are aware that this company is credible and people will fall an easy prey to it. The scammers are trying to take advantage of the credibility that iFixo enjoys. This is the reason iFixo has taken certain rigid steps to protect you from these scammed callers. These scammed telemarketing calls are becoming frequent nowadays. These frauds make every possible move to gain your trust. Once they have your personal information, they use it to charge your existing credit cards, opening new credit cards, checking, or savings accounts, writing fraudulent checks or taking out loans in your name. Many of our clients realize that they have been a victim of fraudulent telemarketing calls only after the damage is done. This is the reason why we will provide you with some guidelines to minimize such risks of scammed telemarketing calls. Here are some tips to prevent you from scam calls.

  • Be careful of buyers and sellers who tries to sell you items or services at a much lesser price than the market value
  • Who does not provide you with contact details even after you agree to transact with them
  • Beware of deals which seems too good to be true
  • Beware of sellers who do not make any further contact with you
  • Go to the website that they are referring to and find the contact details. Make sure that the contact details matches with the contact number that they are calling from.
  • Verify the e-mail address that they gave you and find out what’s really on it.
  • Make sure to ask questions if you have any queries regarding the legitimacy of the company.
  • Last but not the least if you are not satisfied with the answers that the rep gives you, please make sure to inform us and help us stay aware of such frauds.